Hillside Terrain

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Do RazorBack Brushcutters perform on hills?
The RazorBack Brushcutter has been designed from the ground up specifically to handle steep and hilly terrain; it is a very capable vehicle that is built with an extremely low center of gravity so that the chance of roll-over is significantly reduced. Each wheel is at the extreme corner of the vehicle with the cutter deck enclosed underneath. All the hardware is excellent quality with heavy duty steering box, gearbox, drive train and cutter assembly. A robust contender for any challenging all terrain mowing application!
Does the RazorBack perform well on flat terrain?
The RazorBack is a very capable mower that performs equally as well on flat terrain.
Do I need a 4WD RazorBack for hilly slopes?

In fact the 2 wheel drive RazorBacks are extremely efficient vehicles on quite steep slopes. They have a gradeability of 15 degrees and a stability angle of 30 degrees. Most conventional lawn mowers are not rated above 10 degrees gradeability and 15 degrees stability angle respectively.

These extreme angles are only achievable due to the specialist vehicle design comprising of a low center of gravity, mechanical diff lock, plus a wheel and tyre package that allows good clearance without sacrificing grip. So most 2WD RazorBacks will climb and mow across quite extreme terrain.

What angles can a 4WD RazorBack work on?
The 4WD models have a gradeability of 25 degrees and a stability angle of 30 degrees. This rating illustrates just how special these vehicles are from a design perspective as we have never seen statistics anywhere near these angles for mowers working on slopes before.
Are RazorBacks true 4WD vehicles or do they rely on hydraulic wheel motors?
The RazorBack all terrain mowers have a hydrostatic drive system that is engaged through a proprietary drive train that employs mechanical diff locks. The front wheels are driven via a drive shaft the same as a conventional 4WD vehicle, which is extremely efficient, very dependable and has a long lifespan. The front differential locks, axels and steering boxes are more tractor in appearance than lawn mower – very heavy duty and engineered to a very high standard.